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See, Hear, Feel Art with ASMR by Artist Tracie Wayling

What Is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) are those tingles and shivery sensations that usually start on or around the scalp or neck area and travel across your skin like fizzy bubbles.   This is often brought on by certain sounds, whispers and ear to ear softly spoken words bringing you relaxation, focus, and can even help the toughest of insomniacs to sleep with the right words or sounds being played this way.

While my youtube channel is still in its very early stages, I am excited and very much looking forward to bringing a 'See, Hear and Feel' aspect to future artworks for a unique experience to combine everything I love to do.  From the Artwork itself, to helping to inspire, encourage you, provoke thought or help you to simply relax for a while, I am also planning on making How To tutorials and walkthroughs while using ASMR as an opportunity for you to see the paintings as they are being created with sounds that will make it feel and sound as if we're in the same room.  

Please pop over to my
Youtube channel and subscribe to receive notifications as and when new videos are added.  In the meantime, the existing videos below give a wide range of examples of ASMR to set your Tingles in motion.

See, Hear, Feel!

  1. What Inspires me
    ASMR - Earphones required for binaural sounds and Tingles. It's time for change - for all of us.
  2. Studio Tidy Up Sounds
    ASMR - Earphones required for 3D sounds. Tidying up after a long day, how many sounds do you recognise? How many give you Tingles? Relax and let me do the work.
  3. The Accidental Intro
    Ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong, you've had three hours sleep in three days but you think what the heck and do it any way you can regardless?
  4. Artwork, No Talking
    Gentle music and a slide show of some of my Artwork. If you are interested in purchasing a commissioning a piece, please contact me.
  5. A (very) Halloween Special
    True story how the painting 'Iridescent' came to be as well as this video. Trust your instincts. Ready for those chills and tingles?
  6. ASMR with my Heartbeat
    Comforting binaural/3D audio. Curl up with my heartbeat, it'll always be with you.
  7. How to keep the Santa magic alive!
    Heart warming and inspiring, this is what I did to never lose that magic for my kids.
  8. ASMR - Saying I Love You in 60 languages.
    ASMR audio for relaxation while sharing the love (or attempting to! Sorry for any mispronunciations! :) )..x
  9. The Two Most Important Days of Your Life
    Time-lapse video/speed paint. I was challenged to make a video to include these two days in one painting. Wearing my heart on my sleeve is an understatement! :)
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