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My name is Tracie Wayling and I am a professional Artist based in London, England. I'm a mother of two grown up daughters (the best bits of artwork I ever made!)

I am a self taught Artist outside of O'level at school and I later received a BTEC award in Interior Design.  I've been running my own business since 2008 to present.

I have had my work displayed at 3 exhibitions to date including a solo exhibition with plans for more in the near future.

I am also a published Illustrator and ASMR artist.

Mission Statement

Capturing moments; I love to paint, to draw, to create no matter the subject, everything is special and has its own magic in my eyes. Fascinated by life, nature, the spiritual/energy side of things. From buildings to gardens, each brick has its own maker, their own story locked inside. From nature to energy, we are all a part of that magic.

From pets to portraits, the souls are unique, their lives unique, their experiences their own, to me it is far more than painting a face or a pose. Capturing a moment, that 'something', that thing that you can't always put your finger on, but it is there.

So with portraits for example and the eyes being the windows to the soul, not only is a likeness important to me, but that essence of what the soul contains also deserves to be recognised, sometimes being noticed for the first time through a painting, through the viewer's eyes.

The one thing that always felt right to me on a personal level was to see things through my own eyes, Life itself is a fantastic teacher when you pay attention to it.  My own experiences as with everything in life have continued to inspire, and I'm the same when it comes to painting.

I like to make people think, or to notice things they may not have paid attention to before, the little things that make the world of difference to us.

Whether I'm painting part of a series, or working on a commission, to be able to provoke emotions, enjoyment, memories, love, empathy, curiousness or food for thought, there is always a story to tell, or a story to find, a perspective to find outside of the box.

I am a professional artist based in London offering a wide range of services to meet your budgets and requirements.

  • Original Tracie Wayling Artwork - Producing quality fine art originals using various mediums for Artworks to suit many budget ranges, for display and purchase.

  • Limited Edition Prints - Signed, /50 replicating the original painting size of the original Artworks.

  • Commissions - working closely with my clients including indepth and detailed consultation to produce the artwork and size requirements to suit your needs.

  • Illustrations  - Book covers, content, items, blog images, the options are endless.  Please see the illustration section on the Galleries page for examples of works and more styles of work available.

  • Digital Art - Including but not limited to Logos, Headers and Banners.

  • Pyrography - hand scorched designs.

Please contact me if I can assist you in meeting any of your artistic needs and requirements.
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